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Work Package Lead, WP1

Working Packages

Research Capacity Building and Organisation

This theme provides a productive environment for institutional and individual research capacity building on principles from problem and project-based learning (PBL), communities of practice (CoP) and networked learning. Media play an integral role throughout the project cycle.

Outcome of WP7:

Efficient organization to ensures sustainable research outcomes that stand for the scientific community and for community transformation. Contributing to the visibility and ranking of Gulu University through research and community and public engagement.

Gulu University takes leadership in inclusive innovation and community development and sustainability of UPCHAIN by building an interdisciplinary research center of excellence on green charcoal inclusive innovations.

Entrepreneurship competences integrated in 3 master’s programs at Gulu University.


  • Annual project management report: – objectives, milestones and targets are met.
  • Graduate cross cutting courses delivered to PhD and Masters students.
  • Digital learning is adopted by Gulu University
  • A community of practice of researchers and practitioners including PhD lunch seminars.
  • Writing “retreats” for PhDs and supervisors.
  • Media coverage on green charcoal innovations
  • PhD training in the field of humanities and education, business and development studies, science and agriculture completed (WP 1 – WP 6).
  • Collaboration agreement signed with three technical schools for continuing collaboration on green charcoal innovation.
  • Interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence on green charcoal inclusive innovation and sustainable development at Gulu University established and running.