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Work Package Lead, WP1

Working Packages

Innovating Curriculum in Education Institutions as a Driver for Sustainable Development and Climate Practices

This theme explores how an innovative curriculum including learning approaches to critical thinking, problem-based learning and entrepreneurship can be a driver for the transition to green charcoal and new sustainable energy practices.

Outcome of WP4:

Local ownership of green charcoal innovation for teachers, students and parents in participating schools established.

Curriculum reforms regarding climate change in relevant education institutions in Northern Uganda. Knowledge dissemination between educational institutions and local communities enhanced.


  • Curriculum innovation at education institutions in three educational levels: a) elementary schools, b) technical schools, c) Gulu University.
  • Research publication on the practice of using and producing green charcoal in education as part of everyday life formation, project-based learning and curriculum innovation including entrepreneurship.
  • Co-design of digital models and didactical principles and the results disseminated.
  • Policy recommendations to the schools and local leaders/SDG4.