Development of a Green Charcoal Production Model

The focus is on investigating the technical requirements for producing high quality green charcoal (briquettes) and the potential of the green charcoal value chain to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as the influence of the quality of different raw materials and products on community acceptance of green charcoal.


Outcome of WP1:

A green charcoal inclusive innovation production model is scientifically validated adopted and is in use by households, public schools, private sector and other institutions.

Business planning & strategy

  • Test lab in place.
  • GCPU Machinery for green charcoal production fabricated and running.
  • Research reports of the quality parameters of agricultural residues and green charcoal and their influence on community acceptance.
  • Policy briefs, inputs to SDG 13, 7 and to bylaws.

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Work Package Lead, WP1
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